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Prestige Omega Deluxe Cookware Set Pan, Kadhai Set

Rs. 1640

Product Description

Warranty Details This product carries with it genuine manufacturer's warranty, that has to be produced while claiming warranty for servicing the product. So please keep the Warranty card safely. We are in no way responsible for servicing the product or replacing the product in case of any problem. Buyers will have to get their products serviced from the respective manufacturer's authorized service centers in their respective cities / towns. Terms and Conditions Octroi Charges and Entry taxes are applicable in some areas and it shall be borne by the customer (Payable to the courier company on delivery).

From the Manufacturer

The Prestige induction-base non-stick kitchen set is a suitable choice for a kitchen that uses an induction stove to get the heating done. This kitchen set consists of three different utensils, each having their own purpose. The Kadai is a vessel with an induction base that is 3 mm thick, and comes with a glass lid. It can ideally be used to make a range of recipes that require the accumulation of steam in the vessel. The 3 layer nonstick coating ensures that no food particles are accidentally stuck to the base while cooking, and helps in easy washing afterwards.

The Prestige kitchen set also comes with a fry pan and a sauté pan. The Omni Tawa comes with an induction base as well. Induction cooking is a more efficient method that utilises relatively lesser energy for cooking food. It also helps prevent accidental burns, since it requires direct contact with the stove for any heat to be transferred.

The tawa comes with a 3 mm thickness as well, which allows the heat to be utilised in as efficient a manner as possible without letting the food over burn. The non-stick coating used helps in convenient cooking, and you can make your omelettes and pancakes with ease.

The fry pan is the third and the last item that comes with the Prestige Omega deluxe cookware set. It is a useful appliance for those range of recipes that require sautéing. The induction base works best with an induction stove, but is also compatible with a gas stove.

Product Features


  • All the utensils come with an induction base.
  • A glass lid is provided for the Kadai.
  • All of these cookware products have a thickness of 3 mm at the base.
  • The kitchen set is available in maroon colour.
  • Each utensil has a 3 layer, non-stick surface.

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